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Hello, Trick or Treater! Thank you for being here, and I'm so sorry if you saw this post back when it was still a placeholder—please forgive me!

I'm Gargant, and can be found under that name over on AO3 as well. c:

With regards to this exchange, the most important thing to me is that you create something that's fun for you. Consider this letter a kind of prompt list, but please don't feel restricted by anything I've written, or obligated to create something that doesn't interest you! I'm not very easily put off, and I'd say there's honestly very little that would really warrant a hard no from me. That being said, here's some general points about what I like!

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09 October 2016 @ 07:16 pm
Hello writer! This is my first time participating in Yuletide and I'm a little bit nervous, so rather than too much preamble I'm just going to leap right into fandoms and prompts! Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I hope something in here works for you! If not, though, please feel free to write whatever speaks to your heart!!

letter here!! )
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• Yesterday, in the general comments section of [community profile] fandomsecrets there was a lively discussion about the merits of removing your shoes before entering your home. A lot of people had things to say, and I am absolutely ROLLING with confused laughter that this is such a major issue for people.

I just had no idea it mattered to so many people what you do with your shoes! I especially love the exchange between the two people arguing about whether removing your shoes in someone else's home is the height of presumptuous rudeness on par with helping yourself to the food in their fridge, or if it's in fact incredibly rude not to remove your shoes and ignorantly track mud/dirt/germs into their home.

I THINK IT'S THE GERM THING THAT REALLY GETS ME. "You've been outside! There are germs on your shoes! Leave them at the door!" Like, really? I hope you wash your hands after every single time you've stepped out of the house, then, because I am fairly convinced that that's where the ~true threat~ is going to linger. Most people don't go around licking the carpet or nuzzling the underside of their boots. Hands, though? Y'all gonna be touching everything with your hands.

ANYWAY THAT'S ANOTHER EXCITING UPDATE, THIS IS GOING GREAT, it is quarter past three on my day off and although I have done some wonderful relaxing I am once again nowhere near writing anything. Should I try now, or just make this a lounging day and not stress myself out? Only time will tell.
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I'm a bit reluctant to go around announcing too much yet, because this would hardly be the first time I've had an idea and ultimately failed to follow through with it, but! I've decided to try and update this journal a lot more regularly, mostly as a means of getting myself a little bit more active online again. Let's keep this super simple though! Bullet points are fine enough, especially for right now when I'm tired anyways, hahaha.

• So I've been failing to keep up with friends online for the past... ages... and I'm hoping this will be a good step toward trying to repair some of that damage. I'm pretty tired of being so distant from everyone :<

• To that end, I'm also looking for a new job. I'm really... physically and emotionally exhausted from working where I do at this point. It's never been what I'd call a dream job, but it's never been as bad as it is at the moment. There's a whole lot I could say and I don't really have it in me to do so, haha... but maybe sometime soon! At any rate, the quest for Better is under way.

• So this hasn't been the most exciting update to introduce this whole exciting concept with, hgsjasdaj hahaha. But hey, I'm tired, and I'm already glad to have just written this little amount, so I suppose this was worthwhile.

... i'm excited to use my icons again though, hahaha. THAT'S THE IMPORTANT PART, RIGHT?

OH YEAH, and public service announcement: Noah (2014) is a terrible film. Surprising, I know.
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Okay, so today I was looking at Tales of Symphonia fanart, because it is 2005 again and I am loving it. And among the various things that I came across, one image depicted Kratos and teenage Zelos at a graveside. And now I want to talk about things, and journal posts are a rare commodity so LET'S DO IT. LET'S TALK ABOUT THINGS ABSTRACTLY IN A JOURNAL ENTRY.

let's do it behind a cut though )
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22 February 2014 @ 03:46 pm
This is something most like an announcement/explanation for [community profile] colors_tcg, and something a little like a more general update about what is going on in my life. I am going to keep it pretty simple and brief! But first of all, if you happen to be reading this, thank you for taking the time and for your consideration. A lot of people have been truly wonderful to me in these past few weeks and it really means the whole world to me to be able to say that. Perspective is really valuable right now.

So thank you! And we'll go behind a cut now, hahaha.


So that's about it! I'm not going to close comments on this, but I'm absolutely not expecting any replies either. I just wanted to make sure everyone was clear about what's going on with me, and try to ensure people would understand if I'm a bit unexpectedly slow to respond to something, or what might be going on if my games are a bit delayed or whatnot.

So thank all y'all for reading, and thank you again for your consideration at this tricky time! I HAVE RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES YOU GUYS YOU'RE ALL COOL AND EXCELLENT.
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21 October 2013 @ 10:01 pm

So you want to get some candy, huh? I'll keep it nice and simple for you guys, with just one simple requirement.

1. Bring me a favourite.... violent character~

Tell me about them if you like, or just leave the picture. It's all good with me. I just want some danger in this post, protagonists or antagonists with violent temperaments. Bring them to me. Earn your poisoned candy~ ♥

x14 x2 x0 x2 x0 x2 x2 x0 ☠
... and thanks for playing!! ;a;

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31 May 2013 @ 09:44 pm

Well you're in luck! Now's a really great time to join! If you join before June 1st (that's tomorrow!), you'll get a totally fancy coupon just like this one that'll allow you to earn double prizes for the entirety of June. Double prizes is a great thing to start with! It'll let you start trading with people faster, allow you to increase your card collection and level up more smoothly, and it'll generally make Jessie very happy! LET'S BREAK THAT DOWN, SHALL WE?

What prizes?!
At [community profile] colors_tcg you can play numerous simple games to earn yourself prizes, generally in the form of random cards. If you're lucky, you'll win a prize that's from a card deck you want to collect - hooray! If not, you'll still have increased your card count and increased the chance of someone wanting to trade with you. You don't want that card but someone else sure might! Trading is an integral and wonderful part of any TCG. There's nothing more satisfying than giving someone a card they really wanted, not to mention getting something equally special in return! Or else I'm just a big sap, but either way trading is a really significant part of why I've enjoyed colors so much. So play games, get cards, and get trading for the cards and characters you love!

Play games?
The games at colors are all really simple, and often pretty good fun! They can range from simple things like 'identify this anime character' (google images is your friend!) all the way to themed crosswords, image-based scavenger hunts, sudoku-type challenges - really all sorts of things! Some take more time than others, but none of them are what you'd call time-consuming and most importantly there are no activity checks. You can be as active or inactive as you like, as befits your lifestyle and level of interest. I'm not playing all the games at the moment, and that's fine! There are some players who don't play in any games at all and still manage to stay involved.
Okay, so I could get a token. But why else should I join [community profile] colors_tcg RIGHT NOW?
Because it's a great community that's about to see a lot of fun activity, that's why! Colors is about to make the transition from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, and as such there are going to be a lot of celebratory events taking place. Heck, it's also the third anniversary, so there you go! Parties all round!

In June there is going to be a special anniversary celebration. Every day a special discussion topic will be posted, and all you have to do is post a response. Simple as that! These are really great fun if you're a big nerd like me, because you basically get the chance to talk about stuff you really like and then you get to pick cards you want! With talkative fandom spaces on the decline I really love having the opportunity to talk about that one character or episode or series I really enjoy, and events like this really give you the chance. I love it, hahaha. And on a more obviously CARDS related note, the nice thing about events like this is that you generally get a lot of opportunity to pick your own prize within a set parameter ('any card ending in 03', for example). So it's a really great chance to go after decks you're lacking cards in or, for newer players, to kickstart their collections.

July is going to see another big fun event as well. I'm not sure what I can or should say about it yet, but I will tell you that I, Gargant, am going to be a team captain. SO IF YOU WANT THE CHANCE TO JOIN MY COOL TEAM, COME AND JOIN COLORS NOWWWW.

I'm sort of intimidated by all this...
I can definitely understand that! But please try not to be :>

[community profile] colors_tcg was my very first online trading card game, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Absolutely flabbergasted me, I had no idea where to begin. And I wasn't wrong to be! It's a lot to take in at first. But this game is full of incredibly lovely friendly players absolutely delighted any time someone new joins. They will NEVER be annoyed with your questions because they will be too busy being giddy that you've decided to join in the first place. We love new people! And I personally love nothing more than trying to help folks out, so if there's anything that makes you wary or unsure then absolutely feel free to ask for advice! I assure you, though, that it all looks much more scary than it actually is. Really truly!

And heck, I want to write a newbie guide anyway, so it would be personally helpful to me if you joined the game and said "OH NO HOW DO I DO ___???", hahaha. I want to know what is and isn't readily apparent to new players, so the more of you who join up and let me know, the better it'll be for me, and the better it'll be for other players in the future!

All right, fine, maybe I'm convinced. But why do I have to join RIGHT THIS SECOND?
You noticed that, huh? WELL. There are a few reasons I'm encouraging people to join ASAP. The most important ones are the reasons I've listed above. The June Double Prizes token is an aces opportunity not to be missed. The upcoming Anniversary Celebration is going to be really good fun and I think you all could enjoy it!

But it's also just about Colors itself. This game used to be a lot more active, and even in the relatively short time that I've been playing I can see how it's gotten quieter. This TCG isn't going anywhere, do not be afraid! But all the mods, old and new, have really been pushing this recruitment drive aspect and I want to be able to do my part in that. If I can benefit the Colors community and play more games with my good online friends? Then darn it, that's something I'm going to do.

(And whatever referral bonuses I get from any of you all who join? I'll totally share them, hahaha. I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT BONUSES I JUST WANT CARD BUDDIES O-K)

Excellent, thank you, great choice, way to go! If you've decided to go ahead and join up, all you need to do is post a comment over here! Okay, well, you need to make a card post on either your Livejournal or your Dreamwidth and then you leave a comment over there. You don't need to make a magnificent card post right now! Just have someplace to link to, a place that will contain your card post, and that's good enough for the time being. MEET THE JUNE DEADLINE AND GET YOUR DARN TOKEN, then we can worry about getting you a fabulous card post, hahahah.

One final note! If you read all that, thank you for even considering. I know I'm probably being a bit obnoxious about this, and I do apologise for that. There are no obligations here, I'm not gonna pester any more. I've been meaning to write this all month and instead I've done it all now and had to adopt this DO IT IMMEDIATELY vibe that I really didn't initially intend, hahaha. So thank you again for your patience and consideration! If you do decide to join, I really hope we can have fun playing together. I heart you guys, seriously :>
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30 April 2013 @ 10:04 pm
testing something, apologies to anyone actually following me still! (AND HI I GUESS :O)
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08 December 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Today's advent calendar post at [ profile] colors_tcg asks for our experiences with OC's - original characters. Have you made any? Are they inspired by fandoms? What are they like? Tell us about them!

WELL DO I HAVE ANY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS? YES I DO. Such that I have decided to just go ahead and type a post for this rather than trying to limit myself to a single comment. THIS IS REALLY FOR MY OWN AMUSEMENT I AM JUST A SILLY PERSON OKAY ANYWAY HERE WE GO, since there are eight random cards up for grabs from doing this I am going to limit this down to talking about eight different characters.

Larsen, Riane, Aubrey, Lisette, Sieg, and Kris! )

Now I guess I could keep going here. I could talk about bright like sun Leonel, I could talk about all the Council's Children (or at least the one's who're mine!), I could talk about my poor offensive soldiers, I could talk about Laurence who definitely is not on a pirate ship, or I could talk about Ivy who is who only knows where. I could talk about Kin, who is rather an angel, or I could talk about D'Ivann who really only looks the part. I could talk about Rehn, who kills people, or Thane, who kills people for even worse reasons. I COULD DO THIS FOREVER. But I am not going to because it has been hours and this is ridiculous, shame on me. /rolls away, fdhjskl the end okay I am numb
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17 September 2012 @ 11:27 am
This is a long overdue update about The Privilege of the Sword. It is going to suffer for my having taken too long about writing it up, sadly, and it is of course going to contain full spoilers for both this book as quite reasonably the one that came before it (Swordspoint). So be aware of that going in!

In a city where most of the wealth is controlled by a small few, certain things are overlooked, particularly when it comes to the assertion of privilege. )

So yeah, the moral really is; update sooner >:|
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14 August 2012 @ 12:44 pm

I am still in Canada, here is an update about being in Canada. This post is about 40% food talk. at least. )

That all being said, however, I should really put some clothes on.
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Got a bit of time before I have to leave, and I don't feel like making lunch, haha. Means I'll have to cancel Poutine Friday, but what can you do? Here are some things I need to sort out. 'Before Friday' might actually be 'By End Of Friday', but we'll assume the worst case and go from there.

Before Friday
• Download House S5: If I'm going to be offline for a while, might as well make sure I'm stocked on this side of things.
• Start thread with Leonel and Helene: It's probably pushing things to say 'let's get the timeskip ready by Friday!', but it would be nice to come back into things on the other side of that business. Certainly can make steps toward it. This might mean doing a short silly Xian and Siegfried post as well, depends on time and such I suppose. I would like that to happen, ha ha.

Before August 3rd
• Purchase some shorts: yikes.
• Purchase some appropriate wedding/summer shoes: Endless black boots forever is, in fact, not a flawless plan. alas.
• Tidy room: Just because coming back to an untidy room is soul-destroying. And I am going to need all the help I can get, since I'm getting back at about 10pm Saturday and have to work at 10am Sunday (will have been traveling for about... well, twenty-four hours, more or less).
• Pack.
• Get a haircut.

Our internet is being cut off on Friday. Jimi has now told me it should be back on August 1st. That's twelve or so days. I'm really. agitated about it already, because I know that isn't actually much but then I think about how rough the last few weeks have been on both sides and I just! Ghh! And it casts a rather unkind new perspective on the phone situation. No texting, no internet contact, what is this...

I guess, to make this practical, I am concerned of it not going as advertised. I would really rather have room to talk and arrange before getting on a plane in August, haha. I'm sure I can go to the local library to send emails if I have to. This'll be okay. No reason not to be able to handle this, haha. Is. under control. ahhh.
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Today, I am feeling extremely shivery and unsure of myself. It feels like my heart has been beating too fast all day and I have no idea why. I haven't gone anywhere, done anything. I can't think of anything that should be making me anxious. But my body is twitchy unsettled and that seems to have dragged my mind along with it. Maybe it actually is the other way around - maybe something has unsettled my mind and my body is reacting to that. But whichever it is, I am tired of being curled and shaky but I feel like trying to do anything will set anxious body into some sort of overdrive.

Quaking nervous feelings aside, I slept well. I was tired, so. I haven't done anything of merit at all so far today, though, so there you go. I wasn't feeling good yesterday either, curled and sulked and took comfort in food like a moron, I guess this might be something building.

There's plenty of things I could do today. I could keep playing FFIX, which I have barely begun. I could keeping playing Radiant Historia. I could make a Games round-up post, as I have expressed interest in such before. I have posts that need doing, posts I would like done. I want timeskip. Hell, I could even just go do wiki things if I don't feel up to anything more substantial. I wish I could focus on something other than discomfort, hahaha. This is a gross and useless and disgusting journal update, apologies if you read it.

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This is a Radiant Historia update, because I would like to try and keep up with them! I have progressed both timelines into their third chapter, how to spoiler warn... in one timeline I am camping in a very pretty cave, the other I have not properly begun. Is that still too vague? Tough luck, we're going in, and the spoilers are HEAVY.

That's my boy! )

This update feels much less intelligent than the last one, haha. I finished Final Fantasy VIII by the way! It was ridiculous until the very bitter end, but I enjoyed fighting Omega Weapon.

Sure, for the heck of it, here is a breakdown of attempts. )

Well this is another really long and silly update, haha. I'M CALLING IT A SUCCESS TBH.
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One thing with me and video games recently is that I tend to play them during my pockets of free time. "Gosh!", I hear you cry, "How extraordinary and unusual!"

What I mean is, I have less free time than I used to. I fill time with lover-kun and work and lover-kun, and I do still play games and it is great but I have fallen out of the habit of using any of my time to talk about them. This is a great shame, because I love reading back my feelings during a first playthrough of a title. So! At the moment I am playing Radiant Historia, and now I am going to talk about it.

Later in this post I will also talk about Final Fantasy VIII, & probably a bit about work. WHAT AN ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE.

Spoilers for Radiant Historia, up to... ahhh... wow this is a hard game to spoiler warn for isn't it? UP TO MEETING/REQUIRING SKILLS FROM SATYROS I GUESS? )

Final Fantasy VIII starts here. )

I don't really fancy talking about work any more on account of blah, so! That was a very boring rambling update :(
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Are ginger biscuits an acceptable breakfast? I hope so.

Yesterday was bad. Last night, I guess. I'm not really sure what happened, when it happened, it was just a bad time. I don't know, haha... but let's talk about last day or two, whatever.

Mazey Day isn't the same any more, and I don't really care about sharing it with people any more. Which is itself kind of painful, but that's the way it goes. I am too young to be thinking of my town in terms of "the good old days", but it has visibly and economically deteriorated in the past several years and Mazey Day is a strong indicator of it. The parade is still nice, and it... well, it's not like it's a bad day now. But I just remember so much that isn't there any more, that doesn't happen any more, and I think about all these hopes of sharing my silly little town festival with people I care about and now all I can think is, 'I don't really want them to see it like this though...'

I felt awful last night. I know I sent a message to [personal profile] shinsengumi on my phone and then fell asleep holding it. I know this because I got a message from one of my staff members at 3am. She couldn't sleep, stressed and panicking about the state of things at work right now. What can I do? I'm not the manager. I'm exhausted with it myself. God.

Our current manager (who is not very good) is planning to leave. He's been quite vocal about it, apparently, if it's upset her. He isn't bothering with all the paperwork any more, just dropping anything he thinks he can get away with not doing. He wants out, which is making him negligent. Our stock room is a huge mess at the minute (no, seriously), and she doesn't know if we'll get it all ordered and tidied before the delivery on Wednesday. I know we will. If it comes to it, I'm the mook who'll be staying behind out of hours to make sure it's all in line.

Our work experience girl went for her lunch break on Friday and didn't bother coming back. That seems to be the amount of respect I garner from people, hahaha. Fascinatingly, she came back on Saturday and tried to argue that she couldn't remember anything at all from the previous afternoon, gee. That was the story she decided to go with. Marvelous. Well, whatever, she's been told not to bother coming back again, which is one relief at least because I wouldn't have her working under me again.

I have to leave for work now really, haha. Current manager has taken this coming week off (not without a good reason, but the timing sure is fun), so... I don't know. I just have shivers. If he leaves now, are they going to try and tell me I can't go anywhere in August? What if they haven't employed someone new by then? What if they really try to pressure me into taking the managers position? I don't want it, I won't be made to, but what's that going to do to my standing in this godforsaken company? Oh crumbs, I just. feel like sitting here, not leaving. Just not showing up. I can't do that. I really have to go.

I have started playing Radiant Historia, I really like it a lot. Maybe I'll update about that later, something far more interesting and far less whining, haha.
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06 June 2012 @ 08:54 am
Rushing out posts before I go to work and then being sad that they're a complete jumble is A+, right?

He would rather fall into a romanticised early grave than face the ugliness of living with his own weakness.

Yes, I apologise, this *is* a quick follow-up to my previous post re: Daliquinn )

And now it is time for me to go again, so once more I have no time to see if this makes sense or to summarise it any better. I think it makes more sense than last time, though, that is good. THAT IS GOOD.
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04 June 2012 @ 10:12 am
I've already left this longer than I intended too, haha, but I have an hour and some to waste now before going to work, so! A few days ago, orc and belf happened. And I have fallen out of the habit of talking about such sessions in the aftermath. I want to talk about it some, for my own reference and because it's always good to try and figure some things out.

This is extremely vaguely World of Warcraft related, but I wouldn't exactly count on that if you actually plan on reading this. My world knowledge is hazier than ever, and it's never been a priority. I RP with one person, I do not care about lore/setting inaccuracies, I AM NOT INTERFERING WITH ANYONE ELSE'S FUN, IT'S FINE. It's fine darn it. As for warnings, well, talk of suicidal thoughts I suppose. Not sure how seriously that should be taken as a warning but I don't want to not say these things, so.

Trying to decide where to start with these things is never easy, ahhh. Much formless babbling under here! I apologise, this really is a formless ramble. )

I really wish I had time to read this back or make it make sense of whatever, but alas, it is definitely time for me to go now. But haha, it's sad how little I actually recapped or explained here. This is just a big jumbled mess of half-considered thoughts. I'M SORRY FOR THAT. I TRULY AM. No time, no time, ahhh.
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19 May 2012 @ 07:19 am
Well I surely did sleep terribly, and have been full awake since five-thirty. I suppose it's rather a relief, therefore, that I have a thing to do today!

You see, today is the beginning of the Olympic Torch relay, and it is passing right through my poxy little town. I guess that's the privilege of living at the arse end of the country - if something has to go from very south to very north, IT HAS TO GO THROUGH YOU >:( No choice, suckers.

So yes, I will shortly be leaving to go and see the torch pass through. I have no real feelings toward sport, but I have quite a decent place in my heart for sportsmanship and then overall notion of people being united by a common pride or sense of interest. The brighter side of the spirit of competition, I suppose. I have even more fondness for the notion of limited opportunities - I might very well never have another chance to do this, and although a grumpy part of me is still insisting that 'come on, though, you don't care about the Olympics, don't pretend like it', fact of the matter is I'm not very willing to let the experience go! Standing in the cold street with a crowd of strangers at Early O'Clock is a grand adventure, okay.

[personal profile] shinsengumi also wants me to go on her behalf, and I ~can't say no to her~ so there is that element as well. |:

Tired as I am, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of this day off. It somehow doesn't feel like a Saturday (again, probably because I'm up at a decent time on a day where I don't have to be). I could carry on with Final Fantasy VIII today, where I am currently en route to Trabia Garden. I could make a post about Final Fantasy VIII - multiple playthroughs and many years of familiarity and I feel like I'm only now finally coming to recognise how truly bonkers that game really is. I could do a post with my Games of Thrones thoughts, because I definitely need to talk about feelings inaccessible to viewers and readers alike! YEAHHHH.

Who darn well knows. I could probably finish Tales of the Abyss, I am right there and all. So many fascinating options! For now, though, I am out of here. I have commemorated this day with a poxy little update, THAT IS THE IMPORTANT THING.

edit; I saw the torch! The uhhhh sponsors passed through some fifteen minutes before the torch itself arrived, which created a general atmosphere of bleary confusion not at all helped by the fact that one of the staff buses had a guy standing at the front holding an unlit torch. 'Was that it? Surely not. Someone has to be running with it, right? But that was definitely a golden Olympic torch...'

But finally the actual torch came by, and it was quite splendid. I wore my Canadian Winter Olympics hat (in the spirit of the event and in the spirit of [personal profile] shinsengumi's presence), and one of the team cyclists called out praise of it so I GUESS THAT WAS THE RIGHT DECISION.

I then met up with my dad, and walked back through the park, whereupon I witnessed dozens of squirrels. It was exceedingly pleasant! Just so you all know, squirrels are ace.

Now, though, I am at least temporarily home. My father has offered to take me to the supermarket with him today, which would allow for obtaining some groceries, but do I really want to have left the house on three separate occasions? Oh, the horror of it all...
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